Stress Whiplash

Simple cases of whiplash are the result of strain or sprained or dysfunction of ligaments in the neck. The muscles of the neck naturally spasm as a protective mechanism after an injury has occurred. This in turn can cause spinal misalignment which can irritate nerves reducing the body’s ability to heal itself.

Over time the neck area becomes weaker, subject to re-injury and increase symptoms. If not properly treated, scar tissue can form which is weaker then the soft tissue in the area. This in turn can reduce motion and is more sensitive to pain and stress and harder to treat.

Pain, spasm, muscle weakness, or abnormal sensation (such as “pins and needles”) type of symptoms from a whiplash injury are common. Other symptoms of whiplash may be a stiff and/or painful neck, upper back, shoulder(s) area or even headaches.

Chiropractic treatment, muscle work, physical therapy, pain medication and a soft neck collar can provide initial neck pain relief for the simple case of whiplash injury.

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